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For the first time in last 8 years have launched the “Write For” Section for users to have their writing and sharing contributions on the blog. Yes now you can write for blog. It’s obvious that everyone in this world wants to share and place their thoughts  on the web but most of them don’t know where to share and where to write. 90% of us share such things on Facebook and other social networking websites but they are within our friends network only. To get the maximum exposure from all the web audience one needs a popular website. So We bring this for the solution.


What to Write or Share?

You can write or share any topic you like but we have a limited sort of Categories defined for it listed below.

  1. Music (You can share music related content like tracklists, lyrics, singer news, singer information etc …)
  2. Mobiles (You can share latest mobile releases, mobile tips and tricks, latest mobile packages information etc…)
  3. Cricket (All Cricketing Stuff)
  4. Videos (Share any video from youtube about any thing, like trailers, dramas, songs, highlights and more)
  5. Fun & Masti (any thing that is fun related like Funny pictures,  Funny News or any other stuff that is called MAST”)
  6. Technology (technolony related news like latest gadgets and devices like ipad, latest cars, latest computing devices etc)
  7. Celebrities (all about celebrities )
  8. First Look (First Look covers the Very first look (details and poster) of a new movie or any drama/season)
  9. Pakistan News (latest news related to Pakistan)
  10. Social Media(Socia l Media news, tips, tricks, tutorials and more. Social media covers facebook and twitter like social networking sites)
  11. Magazine Covers (Magazine covers as name suggested that it have scan copied of all the magazine covers specially fashion and glamor related)
  12. Photo Shoots (Celebrities photo shoots pictures can be share here)
  13. Bollywood News (All about B-Town bollywood news it is)
  14. Parties & Events (It can be pictures or videos but its all related to parties & events held in any corner of the world)

By time more categories would be added, or if you are willing to write in a category which is not available in the list then you can request us for it.


What Not to Write or Share?

Its important to know what not to write or share. Internet is the mother of knowledge and full of information but its also have tons of garbage and spam content. We will not accept any spam, duplicate content (copied from other blogs or website) or unpropertied content that do not belongs to you. Any kind of nudity, pornography or adult content is also prohibited. See below the detailed prohibited content that you can not write or share on Blog

  1. Spam Content (Any content that can be classified as spam like article marketing, affiliate marketing, product promotion etc..)
  2. Duplicate Content (Any content that is copied from other websites or blog)
  3. Adult Content (Any content which contains nudity, pornography or is classified adult by any means)
  4. Personal Content (Personal Information like phone numbers, personal biography or personal Pictures)


Why should I write or share something here?

This question might get popped in your mind that why you should write or share something at official blog. To make it short we just created some points for you to read.

  1. More Exposure & Popularity (It’s a fact that by writing you will get exposure and popularity from the general users of Network which is having more then 1.7 Millions Hits per month)
  2. Credibility (By writing for blog you will earn credibility and you can turn your self as a credible writer in the writing field)
  3. Fan Following (Writer get fans from twitter and Facebook as their details are added in the post/article or any sharing he/she is doing)
  4. Networking (You get the chance to do networking with other writers at the blog which increases your skills of writing)
  5. Awards (We have plans to issue awards to writers time to time like “Best Writer of the month” and Top Writers Name” on the blog)
  6. Rewards (Writers would be rewarded with many virtual products and special offers in future as we are working on the mechanism of rewards program as well)
  7. Promotions (Muskurahat blog have two levels for writers. Every new writer is given the level of “Contributor” and will get promoted to the next level which is “Author” as soon his 20 submission get approved and published. On becoming an “Author” whenever he submit anything to the blog his submission will not require a review and the submission will get published as soon the writer submitted it.

How to write or share at Muskurahat Blog?

Its another important Question infact its the most important one. blog have launched this program with the user levels. First of all you have to contact us via the form below with your information so that we can make your account on our Blog here are the useful steps that will help you to understand the procedure.

  • Fill the Introductory form (You can also  send email directly to writer [@]
  • Wait for a reply (the Administrator or the Moderators at Blog usually it take 1 to 2 business days to reply)
  • Verify the details (by replying few questions)
  • Start Writing (get the login information and start writing what you want)
  • Get Published (your posts will be further reviewed by our Moderators to get publish)


Fill The Introductory Form

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