Why Ranveer Took The Photographer’s Cam and Deleted His Snaps With Deepika?

At the after-party of Ahana Deol’s wedding, the function saw many celebrities among the love birds, Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone. According to a source, when a photographer snapped an intimate moment between Ranveer and Deepika, the Gunday actor lost his calm.


Ranveer and Deepika have been rumoured to be dating for a while now.

A source said today; “Both Deepika and Ranveer were in high spirits and were walking about with their hands clasped together. A photographer then clicked photographs of the two of them and this upset Ranveer.”

The party attenders say that Ranveer trailed Deepika wherever she went.

They were enjoying each other’s company but as soon as Ranveer saw the photographer click their pictures, he chased after him and manhandled him. He then took his camera and deleted the pictures before returning the camera to him. Soon after, the couple left the party,” the source revealed.

However Ranveer’s spokesperson denies that he manhandled the photographer.

The spokesperson said in a statement; “At the aforementioned private function, the person in question was surreptitiously clicking pictures of Ranveer from behind the DJ console without his consent. After letting this pass for a considerably long time, Ranveer started feeling uncomfortable because of this man’s persistent and unwarranted intrusion. He then went up to the man and requested him to delete the pictures. At no point did he assault the person that is a flagrant exaggeration of the incident.”

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