Why Priyanka Sent Legal Notice to Aseem Merchant

There are reports that actress Priyanka Chopra’s former flame Aseem Merchant and ex-manager Prakash Jaju have been looking forward to make a film based on Priyanka’s formative years in film industry.Aseem-Merchant-Priyanka-Chopra


The film will focus on actress’ controversial fallout with Prakash, which resulted in 67 days of jail term for him.

While Priyanka was obviously miffed about the reports, however she remained tight-lipped about her thoughts.

Now, Priyanka has finally resorted to legal action to thwart the making of the film.

She has sent a legal notice to Aseem, who is producing the film. The notice mostly focuses on the fact that this movie will violate Priyanka’s right to privacy and might tarnish her reputation.

Aseem Merchant’s legal team is currently going through the document sent to him.

Prakash Jaju apparently has sent the script to Priyanka asking her to read the final draft. He maintains that if she has an issue with the same, he would be okay with dropping the film.

According to him, the movie is based on his life and Priyanka is only a chapter in it.

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