Why Kapil Hastily Delete the Modi Tweet?

The comedian Kapil Sharma’s innocuous re-tweet of Narendra Modi’s remark comparing Rahul Gandhi’s speeches to Kapil’s comedy, sparked of an ugly twitter fight between opponents and supporters of Modi.


Kapil had to hurriedly delete the Modi tweet and appealed his followers to stop the ugly battle of words.

On being contacted, Kapil expressed extreme disturbance at the turn of events and said in statement; “Out of a sense of innocent excitement I re-tweeted Modiji’s comment where he mentioned my show. How was I to know it would spark off a very ugly and undesirable verbal battle on the social network?

Apparently, the comedy star had to make

Apparently, Kapil had to make frantic peace pleas before the ugly exchange of insults on Twitter stopped.

After shooting at 4 am on Monday morning I came to know that some mischievous tweets had triggered off a verbal war. When I looked on twitter I was horrified to see people using dirty abusive language for one another. I couldn’t understand what provoked them,” he added.

Kapil says he never uses his space on social media websites to promote any politics related stuff.

Our show has fans of all cultures and religions all over the world. We want people to forget all their differences and become one when they watch ‘Comedy Nights with Kapil’. Even the fact that I could’ve even indirectly provoked this ugly war of words pains me a lot. I am not affiliated to any politician or political party,” said the 33-year-old.

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