Why is Hrithik Roshan angry?

The actor whose most awaited flick is hitting the screens today and is carrying tremendous enthusiasm is angry with the media. Yesterday, when a reporter asked him why the premiere of ‘Kites’ was held in US and not in India, the actor strangely replied that, “Why media writes fake reports. He continued by saying that “I get busy with my movie and sometimes don’t answer calls, it might have annoyed them but that doesn’t mean they can print anything that forces me to reply or answer.”

Very strange, Hrithik was answering to a question which was never asked. And in any ways Hrithik involvement can never be more than Aamir Khan and ‘Kites’ is coming after two years so he had ample time.May be the concern on the eve of his most waited release may have taken toll of the actor.No Issues Hrithik. Learn to listen and listen to learn…….anyways we wish you all the best for your ‘Kites’.

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