Why Hrithik Roshan spends 10 hours with Salman Khan in his house?

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan seems to be the man every B-townie is drawn to after they have had a bitter divorce. After Mr. perfectionist Aamir Khan revealed in Karan Johar’s Koffee with Karan how he never liked Salman until he’s had a divorce after which he was like a confidant and a huge pillar of strength for him, Hrithik Roshan who has recently gone through a heart breaking split with his wife Sussanne after spending a 13-year relationship seems to have found a mentor in the Dabbangg Khan.


We’ve heard that Krrish 3 star has just a couple of days ago spent a whole 10 hours in Sallu’s residence.

Surprisingly, Salman Khan was not a very good friend of Hrithik before the divorce. In fact, the stars barely ever spoke at all. It was the first time that Hrithik attended a party organized by Sallu Bhai for the New Year bash, but apparently, Hrithik didn’t stayed for a very long time.

Now, as he has divorced with his beloved wife, he spends nearly a whole night pouring his gloomy heart out to Salman Khan on the devastating split at Sallu’s house.

According to a source close to the Jai Ho star; “Hrithik came in late evening and he stayed all night. He looked very crestfallen. The subject of discussion was his broken marriage and his estranged wife Sussanne.”

Well our Dabbanng Khan may have been looked strict and hard-hearted to some, but what he just did is truly sweet.

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