Who made Anushka Sharma scared

Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma her very first film in 2009 with SRK but still got tense when actress had to shoot along with veteran actor Rishi Kapoor for her latest film .”When actress was to shoot her very first scene along with Rishi Kapoor, actress was seen shaking,”.

‘Film Patiala House’ features Rishi (Bauji) as the leader of a large family members, of which the entire household is scared.Finally, Rishi speaking to Anushka and discussing his performing abilities. He discussed a lot of his feelings with her, which made the new actress comfortable.

“Rishi is with out any doubt the seasoned Bollywood actor and actress Anushka though becoming fresh is a good performer  Directer of the film is Nikhil Adwani shows how a 2nd-generation Sikh and his siblings in London keeping back their desires, out of respect and love for their father.

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