When Priyanka Chopra ran to rescue Parineeti Chopra

Shabana Azmi recently held Mijwan Sonnets in Fabric 2012 fashion show, the saying holds true even in the big bad world of B-town. At least, that’s what we’re driven to believe!

So when Parineeti Chopra had a twisted ankle just before walking the ramp for the fashion show, elder sister Priyanka Chopra wasted no time in attending to Parineeti Chopra’s hurt leg. But what’s more interesting is the fact that the sight caught film producer and Priyanka’s earlier ‘enemy’ Karan Johar’s focus. Sources present at the location ensure that Karan Johar ran to help the damsels in distress by working with Priyanka to set Parineeti’s sprained ankle straight.

Parineeti Chopra somehow went through the act, and then collapsed backstage. Priyanka rushed along with Karan Johar to her side, attended to her ankle and made sure she was good. It’s a fantastic visual of sisterly concern,” revealed a source.

Sure, it’s indeed a true gesture on Karan’s and Priyanka’s part!

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