Wasim Akram wants BCCI to allow Pakistan players to participate in IPL

Wasim AkramEx- Pakistan skipper Wasim Akram has asked for the BCCI to allow the Pakistani cricketers to participate in IPL. Stating that Pakistani cricketers will help add more skill to the IPL, the Ex- Pakistan skipper said that if Pakistani players are allowed to play in the event than it will help raise the bar of the event.

Wasim Akram further stated that he’d always believed in keeping sports apart from politics, adding that the fact that Pakistani bowlers are superior to the Indian ones will benefit the IPL. Pakistan players haven’t been allowed to play in the IPL after the 1st edition mainly due the diplomatic stress between the 2 countries.

Although Pakistan umpires, commentators and instructors will feature in the ongoing 6th edition of the IPL but no player has been invited to the event.

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