Wasim Akram supports Amir’s return in International Cricket

Pakistan’s ex- fast bowler Wasim Akram Thursday said that Mohammad Amir deserves to be forgiven and allowed back into international cricket as he has served ban for spot-fixing.

While speaking with media, the Ex- Pakistan cricket skipper said that Amir was a teenage talented quick bowler, and he should be given rest so that he could make a return in international cricket.

Wasim Akram said that Amir has served his punishment for the blunder he committed in the past and allow the teenager one more opportunity. He’s done his time and once he serves his ban he should be allowed back into international cricket as he was one of the most gifted bowlers, said Wasim Akram.

Amir was released from a Britain prison after serving half of his 6 month sentence for spot-fixing at the Lord’s Test against England in 2010. It’s expected that Mohammad Amir will be given rest and he will resume his international cricket career in 2013.

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