Wasim Akram dismisses Shoaib Akhtar’s remarks

Ex- Pakistan fast bowler Wasim Akram has unnoticed Shoaib Akhtar’s remarks that Sachin Tendulkar was afraid of him and his deliveries.In an interview to a Tv channel, Wasim Akram said Tendulkar was a courageous debutante at 16, so there is no doubt of him being fearful of a bowler much later in his career.

Akhtar has apparently says in his autobiography named ‘Controversially Yours’, “I bowled (Sachin) a especially fast ball which he, to my surprise did not even touch. He moved away! That was the 1st occasion I saw him move away from me-that, too, on the slow pitch at Faisalabad. In a Television interview later, Akhtar clarified his remark, indicating, “In Faisalabad, I believe Sachin was under pressure as he had several injuries and at that point I believed that Tendulkar was fearful of me and I was exploiting his weak point.”

Akhtar had also says neither Rahul Dravid nor Tendulkar were match winners, and both didn’t “realize the skill of completing the match.”The fast bowler’s attacks in his book aren’t limited to friends from the world of cricket- he’s also lashed out against Shahrukh Khan and Lalit Modi.

Akhtar reveals in his book, “Shahrukh and I discussed about my not being pleased with the cash settled on me. Shahrukh and Modi got me to accept. I should have never listened to Modi and Shahrukh.”




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