Was AbRam’s Photo Leaked Out?

It becomes the part of today’s news that the first look of Shahrukh Khan’s child in on screen now, but the question arises Was AbRam’s Photo Leaked out really or it just a rumor. Well the teasing thing is that the media get a photograph that represents the baby of Shahrukh holding the hands of a nanny and Shahrukh himself was also there to meet with public. The surprising thing is that he has no special expression on his face just normal as he has in real life to wave hands for others. This incident happened at the time of Bakra Eid when he was in his house to spend a lovely time with his family and his little baby and the picture was taken by a secret resource. If he was really a child of Shahrukh, then why he still remains close this news either he does not want to express his feelings or want to prevent his child from the media.


Well whatever the reasons will be, he has mentioned a few comments in his conversation talking to the media about his son that he wants to stay away his son from channels, media and from publicity. This is just because to give him a normal environment and simple living that he will spend his few years of life without getting popularity and does not develop any higher level of feelings that his father is the Badshah of Bollywood and he is his son. It does not mean that he lost his own recognition so he has to stay away from all these sources to develop his cool and simple personality that is good at some extent. So, either these statements support this statement that Was AbRam’s Photo Leaked out in actual or it is just propaganda against Badshah’s family.

He also cleared this rumor that he was in Dubai before Eid due to the shooting of Happy New Year and very busy, but came in the house just to spend a festival with the entire family, but he did not mention anything regarding his new born baby. Well what is indicated this statement and if it is true that there is no more reason except to spend a good time with family than what is in this picture and who captured this? The amazing thing is that the picture is blurred even cannot recognize the face of the baby or the nanny whereas Shahrukh clearly exposed this news that he will prevent his child from the approach of the media and will never reveal any of his pictures so Was AbRam’s Photo Leaked out really or it is still a rumor just to create thrill in the life of Shahrukh or it is a good news to gossip? Stay with us to get further latest news regarding Shahrukh’s baby boy AbRam to reveal this suspense.

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