Vidya Balan said to Satyajit Ray to cast her

Vidya Balan

Very keen to work in movies since her childhood days, Bollywood actress Vidya Balan had once written to Satyajit Ray requesting him for a character. Satyajit Ray, who was awarded the Oscar lifetime achievement award, died in 1992.

Vidya Balan, who made her mark with a series of hits, was a student then with dreams of making it big in the showbiz business.

“He was not keeping well then. I wrote to him saying please get well soon and I would love to work with you in your film,” the actor told musician Anjan Dutta at an adda session here last night organised by the Bengal Chamber of Commerce” she said.

“Ever since I was in school I wanted to be an actress because I want to be in other people’s shoes. I empathise a lot with people,” she said.

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