Vidya Balan Launched the SmartCane Device for Visually Impaired

Actress Vidya Balan launched the SmartCane device for visually impaired, at St. Xavier’s College in Mumbai.

SmartCane detects objects above knee-level and hanging obstacles through sensors.

Vidya Balan spoke to the media and said; “This device will now integrate visually impaired into the mainstream and make them more independent”

Professor Rohan Paul, IIT Delhi, explained; “While the white cane is reliable enough to warn people of objects on the ground, and even up to knee-height, visually impaired people are often taken by surprise by over-hanging branches, protruding air-conditioners and parked vehicles. The SmartCane detects such obstacles from a safe distance, helping them avoid it, allowing safe, independent and dignified mobility.”

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