Vidya Balan: “I haven’t really got offers working with Khans”

Actress Vidya Balan, who established her presence in Bollywood with many awards, says she has not been offered any film with the ‘Khans’ yet.

Vidya Balan

“I don’t miss working with them. There has to be a script that has enough for me to do. It has to be exciting for me. I have never looked for films where I can work with certain actors,” Vidya said.

The Ghanchakkar actress, who will be seen sharing big screen with newcomer Ali Fazal in upcoming detective-thriller ‘Bobby Jasoos’, said she is not keen on doing it either as she doesn’t see herself fitting into masala commercials.

“I have never planned my career. I have only responded to scripts that came my way. To be working with (known) actors or new actors, I don’t plan my career that way. I have a different approach. And I am very happy with the kind of work I am doing,” she told reporters.

“I have not really got offers (for films with Khans) not in the past seven years. I don’t see myself fitting into those kinds of films honestly,” said Vidya, who had her first acting role in the 1995 sitcom Hum Paanch.

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