Vidya Balan Feels Herself As A Humanist Not An Activist

thumbVidya Balan considers veteran actor Shabana Azmi as her strongest inspiration but herself prefers to be dubbed as a humanist rather than an activist. The actress said in a statement: “My work is an extension of my beliefs. I don’t think I am an activist at all. I am an actor first and I try using that to leverage attention to some of the causes I am associated with. I think I am a humanist,”

The 35-year-old actress is the National Award winner. She has been instrumental in campaigning for child nutrition, women’s empowerment and education.

Vidya Balan has been appointed by the Indian government as the brand ambassador in the drive to improve sanitary conditions in the country.

I try to focus on my acting, so that I can leverage attention to the causes,” she said.

She said during a fund-raiser by the Bengal Chamber for the Indian institute of Cerebral Palsy on Sunday: “Shabana Azmi has been one of my strongest inspirations. I was truly awestruck by Shabana Azmi’s performance in Arth. I still am,”

I like walking in other people’s shoes. I tend to empathise with people, so I always wonder what a certain person might do in a certain situation,” she further added.

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