Verizon Slashes iPhone 5 Price Before iPhone 5S Announcement

iPhone 5A week ago media told that Verizon would be selling the iPhone 5 for 50% off later this month. The promotion has now started, and the iPhone 5 is being offered for $99 with a carrier deal instead of the regular $199 shop price. But there’s a catch that significantly limits qualifications.

Verizon told Gotta Be Mobile that this contract will only be offered to choose clients who’re “identified as being interested in making the transition to a smartphone.” That basically means dumb phone holders only. Verizon will be sending out e-mails to offer “an affordable option to help them make the transition” to a smartphone.

This is a limited-time contract, and if you’re reading this then you’re likely not qualified, which is a bummer. The least expensive place to get the iPhone 5 up front is presently T-Mobile, where the price was presently bumped from $100 to $150.

Speculation is stating that the iPhone 5S will be released as early as August.

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