UAE to stop BlackBerry e-mail in October

The UAE said right now that it will block BlackBerry smart phone e-mail, instant messaging, and internet browsing because of to what the govt is citing as security concerns. The stop would go into effect on October 11 of this year, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Unlike most smart phone platforms, BlackBerry data is encrypted and sent through servers hosted by BlackBerry creator Investigation In Motion in Canada. This encryption, while ensuring that an individual user’s email, web browsing, and other information are safe, prevents governments like that of the UAE from monitoring what people in its country are doing. Governments, such as that of the UAE, concern that the safe network of devices could be useful to organize enemy movements inside their borders, and also dislike that foreign nationals, like RIM employees, may have access to national secrets that pass through the network.

India has made similar risks lately to stop BlackBerry provider, and today an official from UAE neighbor Saudi Arabia said that his country plans to follow the UAE’s instance with similar restrictions on BlackBerry use later this month.

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