Spot-fixing case: Aamer a child, pleads mother

The mother of Pakistan fast bowler Mohammed Aamer says on yesterday her teenage son’s steps were easy to understand because he was still a kid.“I’ve had this in my hand for a year and a half,” says Naseem Akhtar, mother of Mohammed Aamer. Aamer became a very famous in cricket, but he is still a kid.”

Other Pakistanis weren’t as forgiving, expressing the disaster has damage the country, already tainted by general allegations of govt corruption, where cricket is a way of life and to several an expression of national identification.

Salman Butt and Mohammed Asif were found responsible on Tuesday of taking bribes to fix part of a Test match against English team in a case that prosecutors says exposed rampant corruption at the heart of worldwide cricket.

Shahid Afridi, ex- skipper, questioned if Pakistan could ever recover from the scandal and says he expected future generations of cricketers could understand from the dark event in Pakistani cricket.
“Our state, our cricket, has been disgraced. This is a lesson,” he told journalists on yesterday.

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