Shujaat Hussain regrets MPA’s remarks against CM Sindh

Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain, the leader of the PML-Q, rang up Sindh CM Syed Qaim Ali Shah on yesterday to show regrets over a statement made by his party MPA Shaharyar Khan Mahar, who ridiculed the CM during an effort by several people in the Sindh Assembly to force the passage of a resolution against the MQM’s draft bill for amending the constitution to change the boundaries of provinces.

Mahar had on Thursday apologised to the CM for using unparliamentary words against him but rejected to be part of his cabinet and says he was giving his resignation to his party leader. Shujaat Hussain criticized the statement of Mahar against Mr Shah and also refused reports about his getting Mahar’s resignation. He more informed the CM that he had warned the MPA over his comments.

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  • john

    I have heard people talking of strong “political will” to eradicate corruption. I have my own views on it.  “Political will” should not simply suggest the “will of politician”. Politics in its broadest sense denotes the way a society is organized.  Hence to me, “Political will” represents the intent and aspirations of various stratas of society.  In different strata of society, there are leaders, people from civil society groups, professional groups and mass media who could play a proactive role in espousing the cause of containing corruption.