Shahrukh used black money to make his film Ra.One?

Well-known film director Anubhav Sinha, who directed Shahrukh Khan’s most prestigious venture Ra.One, was just lately caught in a sting operation. Anubhav Sinha clearly disclosed how he changes black money into white for his movies. But the question which comes to mind is that was Shahrukh Khan aware of this money laundering? If yes, did he also use black money in his film Ra.One? Especially when the film is India’s among the most costly movies.

Anubhav Sinha clearly described that it’s easy to exploit the movie industry to transform black money into white. The black money is used to cover unaccounted production costs, even under-the-table actor charges. Anubhav agreed to an agreement with the undercover agent which involved only 25 % white money and the rest all black. Anubhav also assured that the name of the black money investor will be kept a hidden.

Well, we expect that Shahrukh Khan has nothing to do with it and he isn’t involved in this black money business.

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