Shahrukh says sorry to furious journalists

Bollywood actor Shahrukh Khan has apologised and assured henceforth to pre-inform coordinators as well as the press about his delays. Previously, Shahrukh has been late for many functions and at an event in New Delhi, he came 4 hrs late. Shahrukh has continued his very late coming routine while advertising his upcoming movie “RA.One” as well.

At a current function to declare his alliance with You Tube for “RA.One”, he reached 3 hrs late, and, for a Nokia affair in Mumbai Wednesday, he made the press wait for over two-and-a-half hour before arriving. When told if he’d ever come on time, Shahrukh says: “No! In fact I would like to, but you fully understand what occurs…I’m right now in the middle of a lot of work. So I slept at 11 in the morning and I require to rest a few hours. So I truly apologise…Mujhe maaf kardo.

Media people were very frank in their request to the actor to tell them of his delays through the function coordinators in future, so that they don’t spend their time awaiting him. “I am very sorry..I apologise for being late and next occasion I will ensure that the information is passed on to everybody. I feel it needs an apology first. So I mention sorry, and I’ll ensure that the info is reached out to everybody the next occasion,” he added.

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