Shahrukh Khan offers Lady Gaga lead character in Hindi film

Bollywood actor Shahrukh Khan has proposed the lead character to pop singer Lady Gaga in his next flick. SRK says that he’d love to cast Gaga in one of his B-town productions during an interview on UTV in which the couple discussed love, shopping and music.

As the 2 performers got talking on the show, Gaga revealed that she would like to be part of a Hindi film and SRK says he would love to cast her as his lead actress. But she says, “I haven’t any illusions of being a lead actress! Instead, I would prefer to be cast in a smaller character,” she says. And SRK being, insisted that she be his top actress!

During their hour long talk Shahrukh Khan also taught the singer how to chat a few Hindi including how to address her “little monsters” when in India.

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