Shahbaz Sharif lashes out at PPP government

Punjab CM Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif has says that the fate of looters, plunderers and bad rulers has been sealed and PML-N move for the survival of the country on October 28 will show this reality. He says that the unskilled ruling team has provided nothing except darkness and despondency to the citizens who’re dealing with worst loadshedding, corruption and price-hike.

Shahbaz Sharif says that Ali Baba and 40 Robbers have joined hands to loot national assets and enhance their selfish interests.  Shahbaz Sharif says that the person sitting at President House doesn’t have to bravery to encounter the people and is putting everything including national needs at stake only to extend his rule. He was dealing with Members National and Provincial Assembly and PML-N office bearers regarding October 28th move, here on Wednesday.

Punjab CM says that loot and plunder of national assets during the previous three and a half yrs is unmatched in the history of Pakistan.He says that national companies have been ruined and PIA, Railways and Steel Mills are at the edge of failure.  Shahbaz Sharif says that industrial field has come to a stop because of lack of power and citizens have lost their livelihood, while export orders of vast amounts of rupees have been postponed.

Shahbaz Sharif also says that unlawful fault has been proven towards power plans only for corruption. He says that a system, which gives only lower income, price-hike, joblessness and lawlessness to the people, cannot be democratic and is just a blotch on the face of democratic system .

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