Shahbaz Sharif invites Opposition parties for coalition

Punjab CM Shahbaz Sharif yesterday asked all the Opposition groups including MQM for creating a good coalition to ‘throw out’ the ‘corrupt’ federal government.

Speaking with journalists on his arrival at the Heathrow Air-port, PML-N leader says that the country’s scenario has ruined to a harmful stage, and pressured that all the opposition sides, such as the MQM, require to combine on one platform.When told about the chance of his gathering along with MQM leader Altaf Hussain, Shahbaz Sharif didn’t provide any clear reply, telling that “doors for conversation are open to all the sides ”.Shahbaz Sharif  that is on a 5-day official trip, from July 4 to 8, would meet Uk PM David Cameron, secretary for interior and different Uk administrators.

Early on, while speaking with journalists on Air-port, Shahbaz Sharif says that gathering with Altaf Hussain wasn’t on his seclude and dismissed the reports in this regard to be just whispers. CM says that the Punjab govt authorities in previous 36 months made as couple of trips to British as possible under the austerity strategy. But whatever trips were made they targeted at bringing unusual financial investment to Pakistan, he said.

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  • ahmed

    good leader as compared to other CMs