Sanju Baba nervous about his Television debut

Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt is pumped up about his Television debut with Bigg Boss 5, but confesses he’s anxious too!

“I’m very nervous doing it. I have never done it, I’m not sure what it will be but I understand one thing that it will be completely different,” Sanju Baba, who turned 52, informed.

Sanju Baba, who’s says to be joining up with Salman Khan for the debatable Tv show, discloses Salman won’t be with him throughout the season. Nevertheless, he assures to attempt to make it fun.

“Salman will introduce me in the show and will do 2 episodes with me and then I’ll be on my own. Salman told me to do it and I believed I should do it. It is something different for me. It is a excellent platform. I am going to have fun. That’s the way I’m. I will not make it serious,” Sanju Baba said.

Bigg Boss is a show where famous person participants live in just one home for about 3 months, with no link with the outdoors. They’re overseen by a mysterious person called Bigg Boss, whose only presence in the home is through his voice.

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