Samsung turns down ‘slave labour’ practices in China

Samsung has defended its working routines after a case registered in France charged the South Korean company of breaking its own vows on ethical working conditions and utilizing child labor at its supplier plants in China.

According to a September report by the US-based monitor China Labor Watch, a trio of French rights and customer safety groups charged Samsung of misleading customers by breaking its own promises of marinating good working atmosphere. But in a statement today, Samsung claimed it retained a ‘zero tolerance’ policy on child labor and had audited all its dealer sites in China after the China Labor Watch report, reports.

The company mentioned that it’s ‘implementing new hiring policies to strengthen identity verification measures, despite no instance of child labor being identified in the audits.’ The China Labor Watch report has reported that workers at Samsung supplier plants in China worked up to 5 times the legal extra time limit and were refused basic labor rights. At the time, the South Korean firm turned down allegations of “inhumane” working conditions as “totally unfair”.

But later it identified their audits had discovered several ‘inadequate practices’.

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