Samsung has ‘no intention’ to settle with Apple

A top Samsung executive said today that the electronics giant had no programs to follow HTC in seeking a deal over its patent conflicts with Apple. Samsung and Apple are presently involved in patent cases in 10 countries including the USA and Germany, blaming each other of stealing technology and design.

HTC, which had been locked in similar lawsuits with Apple all over the world, announced Sunday that the 2 firms had reached an arrangement to end all outstanding lawsuits and authorize a 10-year licensing deal over patents.

“We have no such plan,” J.K. Shin, the head of Samsung Electronics’ cellular unit, told journalists when asked if Samsung would seek the same deal.  Samsung, the globe’s best mobile and smart phone producer, was instructed by a US court in August to pay Apple $1.05 billion in damages for illegally copying iPhone and iPad functions for its top Galaxy S Smartphones.

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