Samsung files lawsuit over Apple iPhone 5

Not surprisingly, Samsung has registered a case against Apple iPhone 5 – claiming the Smartphone infringes patents it holds. Commenting on the action in a statement given to Reuters, Samsung says: “We have little option but to take the actions essential to protect our designs and intellectual property rights.”

As per Florian Mueller of the FOSS patents blog, the case was registered about an hour before the Northern District Court of Californian’s Judge Koh’s dissolved an initial injunction banning sales of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet in the U.S. – an overhang from another big bout of patent litigation between the 2 companies in which Apple earned damages of over $1 billion.

“Samsung officially registered a request with the court in a parallel Apple v. Samsung two-way litigation (which started in Feb 2012) to add the iPhone 5 to the list of products accused of infringing 8 Samsung patents,” Mueller notes. The 8 patents in question are the same patents Samsung asserted against Apple’s iPhone back in April. FOSS Patents has the full list.

One technology in the iPhone 5 that could become a nexus for patent claim is 4G LTE – which Apple has formerly only included in the iPad. Apple’s rivals, including Samsung, have formerly informed Apple they’ll sue if it adds LTE to the iPhone and seek a U.S. sales ban.

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