Salman Khan recovers from ankle injury and returns to work

Salman KhanSalman Khan has reportedly been hurt on the sets of his forthcoming film Mental. The actor has been involved in death defying stunts and action sequences all through his career in the industry. It therefore comes as an unexpected that the actor hurt his right toe and sprained his ankle during the filming of an action sequence for the film.

The importance of the injury was such that the filming had to be cancelled for a day. The 47 year old Salman Khan was in so much ache that he could hardly walk. On lookers claim that he was limping and was in no state to carry on with the filming. Salman Khan’s fans were clearly tensed about the condition of their hero. But Salman Khan was quick in reassuring them that all things are under control and that he will spring back to action as quickly as possible.

In Salman Khan’s own words, “Not injured yaar, just a hamstring pull while running. Back to action”. This was his official statement on twitter.

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