Ranbir’s night time drama outside Deepika’s home

Ranbir  and Deepika might be taking unpleasant potshots at each other on TV shows but the two just can’t seem to get over each other. At least the Kapoor lad appears to be having a hard time moving on, for he is time and again dropping outside Dips house asking for an viewers with her.

And this is despite the fact that Deepika has moved on and is now in a very public relationship with Vijay Mallya`s son Siddharth.

According to sources, Ranbir went to Dips house at 12.45 am. The actor was wearing a white shirt and blue jeans. Even though Ranbir insisted that he wanted to meet her, Deepika was in no mood to let him in. Consequently, the guard on duty did not permit Ranbir to go 2nd floor.

But adamant as Ranbir was, he kept convincing the guard that he should let him go and meet Dips. Confirming the news a source told a daily, “But rules are rules in Cozy Home Apartments. No outsider, however big or familiar he may be, is allowed without the permission of the person he is visiting. The guard stuck to his duty like a genuine soldier.”

Left with no choice, Ranbir started calling Deepika. Giving an account of the incident an eyewitness said, “Ranbir was overheard telling Deepika, `Please allow me to come up. I am sorry. I want to explain.`”

However, after much drama Deepika allowed him in, but not before Ranbir had to wait down in the compound for a good half-hour.

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