Ranbir gives Ileana D’Cruz the cold shoulder ‎

Bollywood actor Ranbir Kapoor is apparently maintaining a secure space from his Barfee co-actress, Ileana D’Cruz at their shoot in Darjeeling. After every shot, he withdraws to his personal corner or talks with movie director Anurag Basu.As per a near pal, “Ranbir does not want to be spotted in public with his latest actress Ileana. He understands the whispers about them are looking to begin.”

Whenever they shoot, he ensures he is at greatest helpful with her. He will not even sit and make bored chat between shots. Actually, Ranbir is wanting that his latest actress, Ileana D’Cruz has a beau. He understands that fresh sessions of whispers connecting him with Ileana are likely to erupt and the just way they can be averted is if the girl in question has a beau.

Barfee is a really challenging character for him and the final thing he wants is romantic diversions, thought or otherwise.But, there is good quality and some negative reports for the actor. Ileana is reportedly, separate and single. On the other hand, she’s never alone and her mom constantly accompanies her.

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