Punjab govt decides to refuse foreign aid

Punjab CM Shahbaz Sharif on Today declared that Punjab govt will not take international aid any more in order to “ safeguard the dignity of Pakistan”. Shahbaz Sharif was talking to the press after a cabinet gathering at the CM Residence in Lahore.

The statement comes as American senator John Kerry, who’s known for brokering an increasing $7.5 billion dollar support program, goes to Pakistan for talks with the civilian and army command of the state. CM Shahbaz Sharif explained that Pakistan should concentrate on commerce rather than overseas support, adding that addiction on support was pushing the state to give up on crucial matters.

He explained the verdict had been take in order to protect the nation and hoped that other provinces would make the very same verdict. He included that the state will manage to take a stand on matters like drone attacks and the Bin Laden operation once it is totally free from overseas support.

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