Punjab divided into 4 provinces: Javed Hashmi

Vice President of PML-N Makhdoom Javed Hashmi has demanded the party to publicize the dividing of Punjab Province into 3 or more provinces. Talking part in the discussion on scenario in Karachi in the NA on Wednesday, the senior politician from the Saraiki belt says he doesn’t accept with CM Shahbaz Sharif that the bogey of new provinces was being higher to cover corruption.

He says all the political groups should collectively choose a collective option of Karachi problem. He says he don’t admit Karachi as a town of MQM or Sindh as PPP’s state Javed Hashmi reminded that the scenario in Karachi took a different turn when bullets were fired during the period of Ayub Khan. He says Karachi isn’t just a city but hub of Pakistan’s overall economy.

Javed Hashmi indicated his regret over the remark of a Sindh Minister that Mohajirs came to Karachi bare footed . Similarly he says it’s unlucky to give threat to Shahi Syed to depart Karachi. He says Karachi is a town of every Pakistan and no one should treat it individually.

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