PTI won’t support any unconstitutional action: Imran Khan

PTI chief Imran Khan revealed that his party will stand by the judiciary and come out on streets on January 16 if the court was ambushed. Addressing a media conference here in Lahore, Imran Khan told PML-N to quit from the assemblies, as this action will finally lead to toppling of the federal govt. Imran Khan also says his party will not back any unconstitutional action in the country.

The system will not derail, instead it will get more power if the current govt goes and honest and transparent elections are organised, he says responding to a query. Replying a different question, Imran Khan says the PTI will talk to every single political party except the PML-N, as this party is the part of status quo and doesn’t want liability to take its due course.

Responding to the present political tumultuous scenario, the PTI leader says the govt has run short of the time to call an All Parties Conference; it just has to act upon the court instructions.

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