PTI’s tsunami has burst like a bubble: PML-N

PML-N leader and Punjab govt spokesperson Senator Pervez Rashid said that important political personas of PPP, PML-Q and PTI were in touch with PML-N for joining it. He was positive that PML-N would beat its challengers in the coming elections.

Speaking about the IRI Survey report on Sunday, Senator Pervez Rashid said PTI’s Tsunami had burst like a bubble and there was no chance that the party would earn popularity among the people. He claimed that the PTI had become a party of plunderers who were very corrupt. Senator Pervez Rashid said the PML-N was the main political party of Pakistan and would emerge the winner in the coming elections.

Senator Pervez Rashid said it’s the PML-N only that could rid the country of corruption, jobless, price hike and other issues. He said that no leader of Pakistan, other than Mian Nawaz Sharif was doing politics of ideas and therefore people had complete trust in his command.

In response to a question, Pervez Rashid said that PPP never started any task unless it’s forced to do so.“Whether it’s the restoration of Judges or any other serious problem, the PPP had to bow under risks, for the sake of its rule,” he said.

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