PTI to introduce US-style ticket-award process for upcoming polls

As Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf gears itself for the forthcoming elections, the party is holding intra party elections to select election contenders. In a US-style candidate nomination and ticket-awarding process, Tehreek-i-Insaf aims to present local caucuses on district levels throughout the country. Aspiring nominees would undertake discussions and undergo primaries to win a party ticket for contesting on Provincial Assembly or National Assembly seats.

PTI will also introduce a huge membership drive with the target being 4 million registered participants for their electoral college. The participants of the caucus in turn will send a nominee for national and provincial assembly elections.The fresh party constitution, which is still on the drawing board, envisages the details of the regional caucuses and Electoral College. At this point PTI has nearly 800,000 basic members.“No issue, how high-profile a politician is, a ticket isn’t confirmed unless the local caucus awards him the nomination,” says Andleeb Abbas, PTI information secretary.

The participants of this Electoral College will be selected during the membership drive from every single union council of the country. On the other hand the much-awaited constitution of the party is being discussed by the central executive board of the party and will be launched in 2 weeks.

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