PTI to come into power within next 4 yrs: Imran Khan

Imran Khan chairman of Pakistan Tehrike-I-Insaf has believed that within upcoming 4 yrs PTI would form its government.“Once PTI is in strength Pakistan would be totally free from United states slavery and drone strikes. PTI is in search of ideological and serious young people.

The battle within our state isn’t of Pakistan or it’s nation it’s of United states, we’ve lost lives of 35 thousands not guilty Pakistanis in a battle that isn’t ours. The current Pakistani government  is a salve to United states and isn’t competent to end drone strikes, which are murdering our own nation”, Imran Khan explained while dealing with a open public convention on the event of participating of Qazi Akbar with PTI.

The law and order scenario has turn into so severe that Rangers are openly murdering not guilty young people.Different other politicians such as the leader of PML-Q District Attock, colleague of ex- District Nazim Attock Major (R) Tahir Sadiq and ex- District Nazim Attock Qazi Khalid also became a member of PTI.

The Chairman of PTI more says that we don’t require political figures who bow before overseas forces over one telephone call. Nawaz Sharif, Zardari and all the political figures should announce their overseas asserts. The political figures that have included income taxes on the country in the latest budget themselves never have given any income taxes, while Nawaz Sharif only has given tax of rupees 5000. Over 60 parliamentarians haven’t given any income taxes and should be embarrassed of them faces.

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