PTI finds picking up contender for NA-48 a tricky job

ptiThe selection of an applicant for the by-election in Islamabad’s National Assembly seat (NA-48) has become a challenging job for PTI chief Imran Khan after a number of local PTI leaders opposed the party’s planned move to nominate Asad Umar, it’s been learnt.

Sources in the party said the PTI chief had convened a gathering of possible applicants and local leaders at his residence for discussion on Saturday evening in which a number of leaders opposed the move to give the ticket to an outsider. There’re clear signs that the PTI desires to field Asad Umar, who belongs to Karachi and is popular for his prodigious career as the CEO of a conglomerate of firms dealing in food and agriculture. He resigned from the company in April 2012 and joined the PTI.

The sources, however, said Dr Israr Shah and Dr Shahzad Waseem were against the nomination of Asad Umar or any other outsider, saying the contest had become different after the creation of the govt by the PML-N at the centre and in Punjab. The NA-48 seat has fallen vacant after PTI president Makhdoom Javed Hashmi, who had won the urban seat of the capital, made a decision to retain his home constituency in Multan.

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