PTI delays Quetta meeting fearing nationalists’ wrath

Imran Khan, which claims to have the solutions to address deep-rooted problems of the country’s troubled Balochistan province, has postponed its public meeting planned to be organised in Quetta on March 23, fearing a backlash from nationalist and separatist forces. The PTI will now hold the event on April 6 instead of the earlier declared date falling on Pakistan Day.

But political gurus think this will send a bad signal across the affected land where a feeling of alienation and deprivation has more intense of late. In his very last main public gathering in Karachi on the grounds opposite the mausoleum of Quaidi Azam, Imran had announced he’d arrange his party’s next rally in Balochistan on March 23. Imran Khan had claimed an even much bigger meeting than the one in Lahore on October 30 and then in Karachi on December 25. When contacted for opinions, PTI secretary general, Dr Arif Alvi, says the decision to change the date was taken because the party required additional time to put up an extraordinary show in Quetta.

Dr Arif Alvi also refused the thought that Imran was convinced to postpone the gathering after his reportedly very first meeting with Akhtar Mengal in Dubai a week ago. He mentioned that some matters required to be resolved first, including selecting the location of the event, as a few provincial office-bearers desired to have it in Jinnah Stadium while others opposed it.

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