PTI chief Imran Khan gets 16 Million bullet-proof Prado!

A latest black bullet-proof Prado price close to Rs16 million has arrived in the country for PTI chairman Imran Khan. Party sources informed the PTI leader had decided for a latest vehicle in view of safety purposes and to cope with his busy timetable after the party continued to embrace “electables” from different political shades.

The Prado, which was purchased on Thursday and yet to be officially registered, has landed at his vast Bani Gala home with an “applied for” label.The news reporter attempted to contact party secretary general Dr Arif Alvi, who was unavailable. Nor did he react to the text message.

PTI finance secretary Azhar Tariq, when contacted, mentioned his complete ignorance to it.But he says somebody had gifted a Suzuki Carry to the party central secretariat to facilitate some staffers’ movement in link with the office-related issues.“I do not know about the party chairman having bought a latest Prado. But what I can mention categorically is that if it has been purchased, it’s been purchased not from the party’s finance, as there’s no this kind of provision in the policies,” he maintained.

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