PPP will form next government: President Zardari

President Zardari said that whatever strategies the opponents use the people wouldn’t let them succeed. The next govt would also be Peoples Party’s, he said. Speaking with the media after his arrival at Makhdoom House in Hala, Zardari mentioned that Hala is the city of Peoples Party’s birth.

There’s democracy in Pakistan because of the sacrifices of the workers, he said, he desired to take the rivals along with him under the policy of reconciliation. President Zardari also asked the jiyalas to begin preparations for elections. President Zardari said the party command wouldn’t be deterred by the bad propaganda by its critics and would continue serving the public. “We believe in making our enemies our friends.”

The president also praised the assistance of Makhdoom Amin Fahim and his other relatives for democracy for the last 45 years. He said the upcoming elections would be held in a totally free, fair and transparent manner and the people of the country would be be giving their judgment.

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