PPL might clash with IPL in 2013

PCB has made a tentative schedule of PPL. It might begin from 25 March 2013 and end on 10 April 2013. If this tentative schedule remains intact, PPL will clash with IPL. As IPL begins from the 3 April 2013, the knockout phases of PPL will clash with the opening games.

An official of PCB said, “We didn’t have many options. The window after the South Africa tour is the only period available according to the Future Tour Program”. Pakistan has to play 3 Tests, 5 ODIs and 2 T20s with South Africa between Feb. 1 and March 24, 2013. The South African cricket board has apparently turned down to reschedule the dates of this series. However, the official mentioned the talks were made by the broadcasters and advertisers during the PPL committee’s visit to Dubai along with Zaka Ashraf.

“Broadcasters and advertisers haven’t shown any concerns. They’ve given a thumbs-up to the timetable. Just a few fits are coinciding.  The IPL will stretch for almost 8 weeks and the clash will not develop much difficulty for us. Even if the leagues have popular cricketers, they’ll just miss 1 or 2 IPL games. We’re now keeping our fingers crossed,” the official said. 30 overseas players will take part in Pakistan Premier League.

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