PML-N is using offensive language: Aitzaz Ahsan

The PML-N is using offensive words in its campaign against the federal govt, which is not ideal for civilised command of the country, PPP leader Aitzaz Ahsan says on Friday. He was chatting to reporter after going to a condolence reference in memory of Begum Nusrat Bhutto, which was arranged by the People’s Lawyers’ Forum.

Aitzaz says that although he wasn’t in favour of rallies but it was the PML-N’s constitutional right to arrange protests. He says that ‘Go Zardari Go’ was not a motion but only a motto. The PPP leader mentioned that if the PML-N desired a change in the federal govt, it should stick to the constitutional approach and bring a no-confidence action against the federal govt or wait for all assemblies to finish their period.  Aitzaz Ahsan also says that President Zardari was an elected president and the Punjab CM made an not reasonable statement by saying that he didn’t admit Zardari as president. Aitzaz says that the president could be criticised politically.

Aitzaz also says that martial law cannot be imposed in the country because of the part and decisions of the Supreme Court.

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