Petition against reception for cricket team ‎

A local person on Saturday registered an application in the LHC seeking suspension of an function being organized by Punjab CM Shahbaz Sharif in honour of the cricket team, which lost the ICC World Cup 2011 semi-final versus India.

Muhammad Iftikhar Hussain registered the Petition in an already pending application transferred by Javed Iqbal Jafree against the giving of cash awards to the cricket players.The petitioner’s lawyer, claimed that the CM had organised a get together on April 5 for the squad, wherein not only the players, but also good friends of the CM would take part in. He explained the CM had organised the bash to give cash awards to the cricketers just for press projection, further causing a decline to the state exchequer.

The petitioner’s lawyer claimed that the CM must be restrained from holding the function, as it would cost around Rs 3 million to the state exchequer. He explained that if CM was to give cash awards to the players, he must do so from his own wallet and should not spend people funds.

The lawyer applied for the court to release instructions to the CM, restraining him from hosting the bash.

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