Pakistan vs England in Super Eights today

Eight round Super T-20 World Cup West Indies are from today. First supper eight match will be played between Pakistan and England. Pakistan is defending Champion. Pakistan won their match in Group A from Bangladesh but they lost their match against Australia. Last night after Australia beat Bangladesh and eliminates it from world cup, Pakistan has qualified for supper eight rounds. Pakistan will face today England. All the matches in super eight round will be tough.

England team so far in world cup have no win but still in super eight round. They have one loss against their name. They lost their match against West Indies due to rain. England scored 191 in that match but rain reduced target to 60 runs and West Indies team attained that target easily. In their second match they were facing Ireland team and the match was also stopped due to rain. The match was declared as no result match. England qualified for next round due to good run rate.

Last night Bangladesh defeat from Australia make them out of world cup and Pakistan entered in next round. Pakistan and England will open supper eight round today. Let’s hope rain will not spoil the charm of T-20. Both the teams are confident to win their matches.

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