Only handsome police officers for World Cup 2011 final

On the event of the important final game of the ICC cricket world cup 2011, Mumbai has made a decision to have just handsome and intelligent law enforcement and cops on bandobast responsibility. They’d to be on safeguard at the Wankhede Ground on the 2nd of April and gives their professional services with a smile during ICC cricket world cup 2011 final.

The concept creating training would start with extra tall, well-built and slender cops who should seem to be balanced and capable. This once-in-a-life time occasion would understand the arrival of numerous people from other countries and the Mumbai law enforcement desire them to carry back a great impact about the law enforcement of the city – it’s all about the picture of the law enforcement officials.

The typically recognized concept of a cop as described in Bollywood films is one of a pot-bellied person who chews cigarettes and doesn’t would like to get associated with any fracas. He is likely to seem the other way only if he receives guidelines to the contrary from his bosses who’re managed by the Mafia . That notion is required to be modified.

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