Nargis Fakhri Reject the Proposal of Uday Chopra

After bounding a tight relation of Uday Chopra with Nargis Fakhri, now it is in rumors that Uday Chopra has proposed Nargis. Well it is also in gossips that Nargis Fakhri Reject the Proposal of Uday Chopra that is proven by the chat with them using a social platform that is Twitter. Everyone knows that both is good friends and want to spend time together in a good way.


That’s why Nargis Fakhri wants to go to US after finishing the shoots in Mumbai for the movie of Main Tera Hero. The curiosity comes to mind when she tweaks to Uday Chopra for not to come to US to meet with him whereas the plan was superb to spend her holidays with her mother and her best friend Uday. Either she is playing hide-and-seek with her friend or wants to tease him or it might possible that she has a problem with his presence and now she is avoiding him.

Whatever the reason will be media also support this content that after proposing Uday to Nargis, she feels uneasy with him and avoid him. On the other side, in most of the events media shoot them together that indicates both like to spend time together, then what becomes the reason that they start quarreling.

It can be due to their conversation about marriage and Nargis Fakhri Reject the Proposal of Uday Chopra. Resources has given us prove to present in front of viewers that the live chat via Twitter irritates Uday when he receives messages from Nargis that she is changing her decision to go to US and want to spend her holidays in Mumbai and she will feel better than his company. To read these messages Uday gets worried and replied her to remember her promise to come there and he has planned to spend their holidays in a nice and lovely ways.

The cancellation of Nargis trip is not a tiny story there must be some secret behind this gossip that is revealed here. She is taking this step because she does not want to give him an answer and avoid him to prevent herself from being part of the screen. Well it might be possible that she is thinking something else and that’s why she is avoiding him. We cannot say anything until then Nargis Fakhri Reject the Proposal of Uday Chopra, but it’s true that the things support this statement. It is also proven from this statement that Nargis told in an interview that she is not interested in marriage and it does not mean anything to me. It seems difficult for both to get a trustworthy relation again after this scandal.

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