NAB chief exposed PPP-PML-N nexus: Imran Khan

PTI chief Imran Khan on Sunday mentioned that the NAB chief’s statement that President Zardari had barred him from reopening cases against PML-N leader Nawaz Sharif, had disclosed “the clear collusion between Zardari and Nawaz”.  Imran Khan asked what else was required as proof for “the underhand deal” between the two.

Imran Khan said the country had seen “the deal” unfolding on several occasions in the last 4 years. Nawaz helped Zardari get elected as president and then both sides formed a coalition govt in Punjab, he added. He explained the PML-N and PPP had colluded during the Senate elections, in the by-elections, and in making sure that fresh elections weren’t held until next year, adding that “the whole proof indicated to a long history of a secret understanding between Zardari and Nawaz”.

The PTI chairman says that his party wouldn’t accept “the collusion between Zardari, Nawaz and NAB”, adding that the party would pursue the issue right to the end and if NAB still desisted from taking corruption cases further, the PTI reserved the right to take up the issue in superior courts.


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