Motorola to release LTE 4G mobiles for Verizon

We already understand that Verizon is introducing brand new LTE devices at the forthcoming CES 2011, and possibly all the devices will be Android powered. Motorola is also introducing LTE 4G device, as Verizon COO John Stratton.

It means that we will see some LTE devices next year from various producers. Motorola is one of them and their first LTE 4G device will be under Verizon branding, and AndroidAndMe is reporting that the device will be Motorola Etna, which is just like the rumored AT&T Motorola Olympus.

Motorola has added a countdown on their site which is saying that “Are you prepared to skip a generation?” In fact Motorola is saying it because they are going to announce several latest products at CES 2011, and the Motorola Honeycomb tablet is one of them. So people, CES is few weeks away, and everybody is really excited about it.

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